Friday, July 28, 2017
New nations:  
Sources say that 1 new nations have already risen today!

Global affairs:
Thousands of refugees seek new homes as 28 wars have already been waged today!

Diplomatic crisis:
Diplomatic crisis on the brink, as 67 acts of espionage have been reported today!

Major firefights continue, as #118616) Khaybar has conquered 716 acres from #118621) Atlantis, making him the biggest conquerer for today.
Khaybar said in response: "Get aid and come back to me ..".
Invaded nation Atlantis, had this to say: "There is no doubt that that the world should be outraged by the recent aggressive behavior of Khaybar; they clearly invaded us with no real purpose in hand but warmongering.".

Nuclear Holocaust!

The world is in utter shock today as 1 nuclear missiles were launched today!

A victim nation of one of these ungodly attacks, had this to say:
"It is a shame that we live in a world that allows the production and shameless
attacks of nuclear weapons against innocent nations.
I have made it my personal agenda to stop these attacks from ever happening again!